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How can lasers eliminate an allergy? Let's start by simplifing what an allergy or sensitivity is to the body. The basic fact of an allergic reaction is that when a common, non-harmful substance (pet dander or a food) enters the body, the immune system attacks the substance.  The normal response would be for nothing to happen.  When the body either doesn't recognize the substance or believes that the substance is harmful, your body makes the decision to attack it.  Literally, it sends an immune reaction out to kill the offending substance.  With that said, if you can convince the body that the substance is not dangerous or a negative substance, the immune reaction will not occur.

Now for the good stuff... Our system houses over 55,000 different digital signals. We place a cuff on the arm and send groups of digital signals into the skin while measuring the skins electrical response or change.  We then take the signals that your skin reacted to the strongest and send them back into the skin at specific acupuncture points.  The system has specialized lasers that are connected to the computer.  By sending the digital signals that the body thinks are "Bad" or Negative" through the laser (the same as sending music and TV through FiOS) into your skin at specific acupuncture points, the positive charge of the laser, mixed with the digital signal, flips your body's opinion of the "Negative" substance to "Positive".  For most it takes three or five visits to change the abnormal reaction to common substances.  For the lucky ones it is a single visit.  For severe or chronic food sensitivities a full treatment plan of ten visits may be necessary. The success rate for this treatment is extremely high for foods.  And just in case you were wondering, Chiropractic Adjustments are not necessary with this treatment.

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